Siemens RAM Size

Author: GSMArc Team

RAM, most commonly refers to chips that temporarily store dynamic data for processing. That is space given to the Operating system for processing the Applications. Data in current use are kept in RAM, so that they can be quickly accessed.Storage location can be accessed directly and it is volatile memory that is it loses its contents once power goes off. Increased size RAM allows smart phones to work with more information with high performance. The purpose of Ram in the Mobile is to load and run applications on the OS.

Random Access Memory

Mobile phones RAM is integrated into the circuit board not in separate Slots. So it cannot be removed and upgraded. Mostly DRAM (Dynamic random access memory) type RAM is used in mobile phones.

64 MB or 128 MB of RAM are sufficient. The latest models of Smartphones, all the manufacturers choose a RAM of at least 256 MB. The RAM is important than the processor .In other words, if the processor has a higher speed, the amount of RAM must be great to be able to operate. The RAM improves the responsiveness when navigating through menus or using the phone functions.

RAM Size

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